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The Advantage Music Teaching


is about pedagogy; not gamification, apps, methods, and other tools that can be incorporated into your teaching. These things can enrich students' learning experiences, but they're not substitutes for good pedagogy. We look to education research and practise for direction and think critically about everything we do because we know our pedagogical decisions have a great and lasting impact our students' educational lives and experience of music.

The Advantage Music Teaching blog is about studio management; not how to build a [insert figure] music school, create automations, or master social media marketing. We're all about sharing daily experiences, challenges, and successes, and advice steeped in reality that resonates with and helps all teachers.

​We don't pretend we get everything right; we don't pretend we have all the answers. We humbly offer our advice supported by our experience, education, and research. Through the process of reflecting and articulating our thoughts, we learn as much as you do. We're all here to learn and grow as professionals.

Don't be a stranger. We want to hear from you.

Brock & Steve

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